GPS Fleet Management Software: Regain Control of Your Fleet

We’re a BC-business, just like you. We know what it means to hustle for our customers.

Serving proudly from Vancouver, BC since 2003.

We know that any disruption to your fleet affects your bottom line. Trust us for our rapid, pragmatic and experienced approach.

Large Fleet Support

Whether you have 2, 20 or 200 in your fleet, we’ll support your growing needs.

Easy On-boarding

We can offer in-person training and on-site installations so that you never miss a beat.

Just Like You

We’re a local BC business, just like you. We know what it takes to hustle in this economy.

You could be saving up to

$90,000 a year!

We know here in BC, we can always use a few extra bucks.

GPS Fleet Tracking

ROI Calculator – Discover the Nero Advantage

Find out how Nero Global GPS fleet tracking and management solutions can improve your customer service while cutting operation costs. Use our ROI calculator to discover the value of Nero GPS Fleet Management for your business.

Real-Time Web Based Monitoring Solutions

Nero Global GPS Fleet Tracking is Implemented & Supported Directly from Vancouver, BC, Canada

Dispatching Better

Live fleet tracking enables instant access to accurate information regarding the past and present activities of your vehicle fleet to give customers realistic and reliable timelines.

Fuel Efficiency

Detailed vehicle tracking and reporting takes the guesswork out of monitoring your fuel usage and allows you to stay on top of potential fuel card misuse.

Route Planning

Nero GPS fleet management allows you to optimize driving time and reduce costs with real-time updates on the city’s fastest routes to guarantee timely deliveries.

Driver Productivity

Maximize vehicle fleet operation efficiency with driver monitoring and geo-tracking notifications to ensure vehicles are driven responsibly and with care.

Our Fleet Management Software Customers

The Most Amazing Service and Delivery Companies Grow With Nero Global Tracking

“We looked at a lot of products and honestly, this is the one that makes the most sense for us in terms of how it works, and the results it gets – they’re incredible. I would recommend Nero to any company.”

– Nigel Bullers, VP Operations, Securiguard


GPS Management for Mobile Service Fleets

ROI Calculator – Discover the Nero Advantage