Key Features & Services

GPS Fleet Management System Features

Mobile Apps

Use your smartphone to manage and secure your fleet while on-the-go.

Fuel Card

Merge location information from your Nero GPS tracking beacon with transaction information from the fuel card to view card usage and stay notified about potential misuse of the fuel card.

Posted Speeds

Stay notified when vehicles exceed actual road posted speed limits.

Real-time Alerts

Receive automatic notifications to your email or mobile phone.

Driver Behaviour Modification

Receive in-cab alerts and web-based performance reports on harsh acceleration, braking, cornering in addition to potential accident notifications.

Driver ID

Enable service technicians to identify themselves at the beginning of each trip by tapping their unique key fob to an in-vehicle reader.

Temperature Probe

Receive warnings when trailers or other vehicle compartments are approaching unsafe temperature thresholds, in addition to reviewing historical temperatures for an entire trip.

PTO Monitoring

Track when and where PTO’s were used on a map.

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